Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Day - behind the smiles

Actually, there was a serious blight on my Christmas Day. At about midday I had a bit of bleeding - just a smudge on the loo paper, but that is just how my miscarriage earlier this year started.

I was so upset. I was convinced I was losing this baby too.

All afternoon and evening I was in a daze, unable to concentrate on conversations or participate. Luckily there were so many people around that no one (except Milord of course) noticed that I was very subdued.

In the end there was no more bleeding that day or since. I'm feeling "pregnant", which for me means I am feeling tired and slightly peculiar, so I hope everything is ok. In the new year I'll see my GP and get a referral for a scan and check all is as it should be.

Avoiding booze on Christmas Day wasn't too hard. I pretended I had a horrible hangover so skipped the glass of welcome champagne. When the Pimms was served I sneaked some of the fruit into a glass of ginger ale which looked the same! I nursed an alcohol-free beer for a couple of hours, and then it was evening and I was the designated driver so couldn't drink.

I'm not sure how I'm going to fake the house party over the New Years long weekend, but I'm considering starting a "detox" on the 1st after faking it the night before!

Christmas Day

We had a nice Christmas. Princess woke at 6am, and Milord and I sat down with cups of coffee and helped her with her presents. She wasn't really in the mood - she has just cut her fourth molar and it was obviously bothering her - but she cheered up once the painkillers kicked in!

As usual ribbons and wrapping paper stole the show but she does seem to be enjoying her presents too. The main one is a small foam seat that folds out into a sort of bed - she seems to really enjoy sitting in it. She also got books, a hat and bling from us, and dresses, sparkly play-do, a pull-along doggy and a doll from friends and family. A rather good haul!

After Princess' nap we got scrubbed up and went over to our friends for the rest of the day.

We had nibbles and Pimms, then exchanged presents, then had ham and bread, and at 9pm we sat down to turkey with all the trimmings. I had been in charge of veggies and potatoes and decided to precook everything at home so they just needed heating through later - they turned out perfect!

It was all very pleasant. I was designated driver which did make the evening a bit long, but it was very nice to wake up feeling well on Boxing Day!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas

I don't feel remotely Christmassy this year. I keep getting startled that Christmas is only a day and a half away! I'm sure I've forgotten something important...

This is our tree (in the playpen) - I was trying to get the effect of the string of lights in the background too but my camera doesn't seem up to the task.

Princess has received a couple of presents already, and likes eating wrapping paper as well as dirt. Next year should be a lot more fun for her, or should I say for me!

We'll be having a quiet Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day we're going over to friends who are hosting a big gathering. First the Aussie thing of cold prawns and cold ham, then later a turkey and all the trimmings. It looks like it's not going to be too hot, which is nice as a roast dinner when it is sweltering is horrible!

We had thought of staying the night but I have decided that when Princess wakes at dawn I want to be at home, so I'll be off the booze and driving us back. Boxing Day with no hangover yay!

May you and yours have a wonderful, happy and safe festive season.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010



I'm not sure how I feel, but over-the-moon like the last 2 times I'm not. *sigh*

Oh well, at least I'll lose weight over Christmas for a change! We are discussing how to hide my condition from our friends, as we will be spending a lot of time with them over the holidays and I usually drink like a fish. I'm thinking of "faking it" - drink lots of gin and tonic sans tonic, hold a wine glass and pretend to sip while actually tipping it down the bathroom sink, alcohol-free beer etc. I'll also be doing all the driving, and using my Princess' dawn starts as an excuse to retire early at night.

I hate being sober at parties. I get really tired. Bah humbug.

Monday, 20 December 2010

I think I'm a little bit pregnant...

...the test had a line on it so faint that it may have been imaginary. Tomorrow I will do another, but I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant again. My period is half a day late.

It took us 2 cycles this time, with ovulation tests and very unromantic sex (when your wife actually writes "Shag the wife" in your diary on certain days it takes all the mystery away!).

I feel perfectly normal, although I imagine my mouth is getting that bottom-of-a-birdcage taste that always afflicts me in my first trimester. Nothing I eat or drink takes the slightly dry and gummy taste away. Oh well, better than real morning sickness I guess!

I'm finding it hard to get excited this time, the miscarriage is a bit too raw. I'm also kind of dreading having a newborn baby as Princess turns 2, but I suppose I'll cope like everybody else.

I told Milord and his reaction is as muted as mine. We'll get happy, but perhaps a bit further down the line!


I'm feeling lazy. It is 10:30am on a sunny blustery day and Princess has just gone for a nap. I am still in my pyjamas, and while there are plenty of things I ought to be doing I think I might spend an hour on the xbox instead! Maybe this afternoon I'll take Princess to the local pool, as it's cool enough to walk there without dying. Maybe.

A surprisingly bad photo. I thought I was looking reasonable... mmph.

I don't have much news. This past Saturday we visited friends an hour and a half away for a bbq and stayed over. While their house is baby-safe it is still a bit stressful to have a commando-crawling speck-muncher at someone else's house. I'm not really looking forward to Christmas Day at a baby-unsafe doggy friend's house!

Princess is still crawling on her tummy but she's spending more and more time on her hands and knees and will get the hang of "forward" soon I'm sure. I'm teaching her to retrieve toys from the couch so that's a whole new perspective for her, and we have the odd couch cushion obstacle for her to get across.

New words:
"Poo" = yes, poo. I'm trying to get her to tell me when she's done one! Toilet training here we come...
"PoooOoo" = Pool
"Toi" = toy, toe, toast
"Hhhhorh" = horse
"oooOoo" = on dropping something (accidentally and on purpose). I think this comes from me going "oh dear" when Princess drops items from her highchair.

She's actually dropped a lot of her words lately, I think her vocab centre might be in overload! Milord is missing his "Dah-Di!" welcome in the evenings.

I think I'm ready for Christmas. I have a couple of stocking fillers to get and some food supplies to stock, but really my shops will only be closed for a day so there's no drama. I keep thinking of how the UK and much of Europe is snow-bound and how hard it must be for folk to stay warm and well fed. I live in a very easy part of the world!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Princess Videos

New words:
Eeeeyah = Ear. This is her first 2 syllable word since "Daddy"!*
Aaaah = Arm
Hhhheh = Head, Hand
Shh = Shoulder, Shower, Snooze
Tch = Chin, Chip, Chicken
Ffff = Foot
Ttuh = Toe

Her comprehension is well ahead of her speech though, and if I ask her to show me her nose, chin, mouth, toe, knee etc she will generally point/poke it straight away. Or poke mine if I'm within reach!

Princess is very mobile now in commando-crawling mode, and from time to time she'll get up on hands and knees although she hasn't figured out how to move like that yet. I have had to start vacuuming at least once a day as any crumb of food or dirt goes directly in her mouth... She knows she shouldn't eat crumbs off the floor though and if I'm watching her she'll look at the crumb and then at me and go "aaaaah" which is her response to "Don't eat that!". If she gets something in her mouth that doesn't dissolve (ew) then she'll go "aaaah" at me until I fish it out, trying to avoid the razor-sharp baby teeth.

Today I have already fished out bits of the artificial christmas tree, but yesterday I'm pretty sure she ate a dead fly off the windowsill. She was sputtering and "aaah"-ing but there was only a black smudge in her mouth when I had a look. Yuck. I'll be glad when she grows out of this stage!

Here's a couple of vids of playing and chattering for your amusement ;-)




*I know "ear" doesn't have 2 syllables, but it does to Princess!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Family Album

I read somewhere that it's nice to make your baby a little photo album of family, especially if they are distant, to help them learn faces and names. So for the past couple of days I've been compiling a tiny album for Princess. I reused a small sad old board book as I couldn't find a proper photo album that'd stand up to the abuse...

In this album are pictures of [living] immediate family, godparents, and my best friend who has agreed to be Princess' guardian once she's settled in Australia.

I presented the album to Princess this morning and she can't get enough of it! She's good at identifying Mummy and Daddy, and we're making progress on the rest ;-)

For those of you in the album who read my blog, here are the pics I chose:


My Mom

My sister

My Stepmom

My Dad

Apart from that life is good. It's been raining all week and I've been playing the new xbox Assasins Creed. When the rain pauses I'm trying to finish off painting the front of the house, and weeding the garden.

Princess is practicing commando crawling, and is jolly quick underfoot! We have to barricade half the house and keep doors shut. Our Christmas tree is set up inside the playpen!

Life is pretty darn good.