Friday, 23 April 2010

But Enough About Me

tch, the main reason I started the last post was to tell you that Princess has her first tooth! Just a sharp little sliver coming through, but most definitely a tooth... bottom middle left. The bottom middle right one looks totally immanent too.

She's been ok with the teething thing - a bit clingy and short on naps, which makes me think she's in discomfort - but no screaming or wierd poo. No wierder than usual any way!

Bedtime in general is a little more fraught now that I've taken her dummies away (because being summoned to find a dummy at midnight is not my idea of a good time). We can expect a minimum of half an hour of wailing, sometimes with shrieking, sometimes not. Once she's asleep though she's usually good until dawn.

The new sound for last week was a tongue click - you can see it in a vid I uploaded a few days back. Very cute. This week she won't do that anymore but is saying "k". We have "k" conversations...

What else? Princess still gets stuck on her front but I think she may be close to figuring out how to roll back to her back... She can almost sit up unaided, and is getting very strong at standing.

Oops - someone is stuck on her front - gotta go!


I don't believe in apologising for not blogging, but I have been a bit scarce lately, haven't I?

Just busy, or tired, or a little blue and not in the mood. Or all of the above!

My new life took a lot of adjustment in the beginning. Milord and I used to divide the chores fairly evenly - the one who cooked didn't wash up, Milord vacuumed and I cleaned the bathroom, and either one of us would throw laundry at the washer from time to time.

However, when we decided to have Princess the deal was that Milord would support me and I'd look after the domestic duties until she goes to school and I go back to work. Suddenly I was the only one shopping, cooking and cleaning, while doing 99% of the baby-wrangling. Plus my main source of self-esteem, my IT career, was out of the picture. I struggled there for a bit!

I sucked it up, and have been ok with all the drudgery for some time, but lately it all got a bit... draining. Wake up, baby, laundry, cleaning, baby, shopping, baby, cooking, baby, cleaning, bed. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. ugh

This week Milord has suddenly stepped up and after nearly 8 months of not helping around the house he's volunteered to cook 2 nights a week - and he even washed up after himself! Now, I promise I didn't nag him to do this... He has also started putting Princess to bed after the bottle he gives her at night, which frees me from about half an hour of baby settling.

Oh, the relief! I didn't realise how much this was weighing me down until now. I'm making it very clear how much I appreciate his help, so I hope he keeps it up ;-)

I'm making a point of getting out for walks, as that always makes me feel better too. I'd got a bit bogged down with errands and chores and wasn't getting any me-time. Luckily Princess enjoys being out in her pram for hours at a time (with stops for meals and dry bum changes of course!).

Sydney in autumn is glorious...

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Milord's Birthday

Our backyard used to look a lot like this.

Then we ripped up the cement.

Put down foundations for the shed.

Moved all our tools etc onto the slab, and put a tarp down over the dirt. Sadly we ran out of time and money for decking, which is what will eventually go over this.

Milord has also made a few baby barriers - pretty good ones!

This is the first wave of guests who came by on Milord's birthday last weekend. We had about 50 people come through in all. As I didn't know who was coming when I catered as if everyone would be with us for lunch and dinner. My freezer is full and we'll be eating roast pork and jacket potatoes for some time to come!

That's the only picture that got taken. I was just too busy to think about it - I didn't sit down with my guests until about 8pm... prepping food and cleaning up (and looking after Princess's meals and bath and naps etc) ran me ragged.

I'd say it was a great success and it was nice to mark the occasion of Milord's half-century with a big bash. I must admit though that it was very hard work to organise with a baby in tow and I'm very glad all events are now over for a few months.

I've been feeling a little meh since... just a bit run down maybe.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Your Princess Fix - videos

Been very tired and not in a computer mood... just a little overwhelmed after a hectic week and weekend.

A little something for the family ;-)


Your Princess Fix

Grandfolk are agitating for pictures and vids...

Sometimes it is scarey how much she looks like her Dad...

Gorgeous smiles...

Swinging again...

Starting young...

New skill - nomming toes....

We are now bathing in the bathroom because the kichen keeps getting flooded...

Wrapped in a fluffy new towel...

My beautiful girl...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Party Planner

All is great over here, I'm just a bit flat-out.

Milord turns 50 this weekend and has invited 50-odd friends to drop by between midday and midnight on Saturday. He was supposed to be organising the whole shindig, but with a week to go handed it over to me. On top of getting the house shipshape and looking after the Princess... grrr.

Tasks complete (since Monday):

  • Roast meats ordered (14kg of lamb for around 3pm and 12kg pork around 6pm). This is trickier than it sounds because our local butcher and baker who do this service are both very Greek and their English is a bit dodgy.

  • All the timber moved from the middle of the backyard onto the concrete slab.

  • Crawlspace bug-bombed - I keep finding deadly redback spiders so no way was I going under there with anything alive!

  • Everything moved from our laundry and back deck to under the house or onto the new concrete slab in the backyard (under a tarp). Tools, planks, drills, screws, toolboxes etc. My back is killing me!

  • Planter box side scrubbed free of cement mud, dust and sawdust.

  • Outside of windows scrubbed free of cement mud, dust and sawdust, including flyscreens.

  • Barbeque and party coolbox scrubbed free of same.

  • Laundry/outside loo scrubbed to sparkling

  • Frosting film applied to outside loo windows (I can SEE you!)

  • Ceiling fan blades wiped free of a summer's dust collection.

Still to do:
  • Order bread rolls.

  • Hire wineglasses.

  • Wash the inside of the windows.

  • Get tablecloths, paper plates etc.

  • Buy salad, corn cobs, jacket potatoes, chips, dips, soft drink.

  • Buy charcoal etc.

  • Spring clean house.

Milord is going to pull a sickie tomorrow to level out our dirt backyard before covering it with a tarp to stand on, and to finish off the planter box and side decking. Oh and make us a non-lethal set of back steps!

It's still going to be a bit of a building site out back, and it's a shame I can't afford to fill the planter box with shrubbery for the occasion. Oh well.

Right, must get back to it!