Thursday, 30 August 2007

Diet Blog Post 5

72.5kg today. Not really a surprise, as "The Meat and Wine Company" lived up to its name last night! A pity though, as I really wanted to hit this week's goal before going away on holiday tomorrow.

I'm not going to worry about it until I get back - hopefully I won't gain very much over the next week. I will try to be good ;-)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Diet Blog Post 4 - Photos

This photo is from a fancy dress party I went to about a month ago. I was 73kg.

This is a photo of me in June 2004, when I hit my weight watchers goal of 63kg.

I've done it before, I know I can do it again!

Lunar Eclipse

Last night there was a total lunar eclipse in Sydney. It was a lovely clear night, and the eclipse happened after 6pm, reaching total blackout sometime after 8pm. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details because the evening turned into something of a street party! We have lovely neighbours in our street of terraces, and as the moon was rising street-side during the eclipse everyone came out onto their front porches to see it and started chatting. and then out came beers and wine and champagne... in my case all on an empty stomach!

By the time we went indoors I was decided tipsy, and the low-calorie soup waiting for us didn't have much effect! We watched a little TV and I collapsed into bed - I didn't even notice m'Lord when he came along later. I am slightly under the weather this morning!

My weight is at 72.2kg today. I put on half a kilo over the weekend but have almost lost that again, and my goal this week is 72 so I'm nearly there. We are out for dinner tonight at a place called "The Meat and Wine Company", so as you can imagine it will be a struggle to be good! Then on Friday m'Lord and I are off to New Zealand for 9 days holiday, so I'm sure I'm going to lose the plot for a while. Milord reckons the skiing will counteract the lifestyle, but as I keep telling him we're only skiing for 3 days out of 9, and skiing isn't really that hard! It's mostly sliding downhill after all ;-).

I'm a bit curious about the skiing next week, actually. In Europe, where I learned, there are 4 levels of ski run: green (beginners), blue (easy), red (advanced) and black (insane). In Australia and NZ they have green, blue and black. I used to be a red skier, so I assume I'm a blue here - but am I going to find it too easy and want to do blacks? Or are the blues here really hard? In which case, poor beginners, I'd have hated to go straight to red in Europe! Anyone skied both areas and have an opinion?

Friday, 24 August 2007


As I mentioned earlier, last weekend Milord and I went away for the weekend to the Love Shack. This is a tiny little bungalow on a ridge in the middle of nowhere a couple of hours north of Sydney, with a big spa tub on the veranda overlooking dense bush (and a dam and a herd of cows, luckily no flies in winter). It was lovely, and we slept and ate and drank and read books and napped and spent hours in the hot tub on the veranda.

On Monday I came up with a number of little red bumps on my tummy and inner arms, but figured the bugs had got at me while strolling to and from the hot tub, as I am a bug magnet. If I am in a room with 20 people, the mosquitoes etc will all make a bee-line (heh) for me, so I always end up bitten. I'm also quite allergic to bug bites, so red bumps are nothing new.

By Monday night I had a few more, and on Tuesday I had even more. Now, it's not unusual for bites to take 24 hours to come up, but this was getting weird. I washed all our clothes and bedding in case we'd brought something home, but still I was getting the odd bump come up. They weren't like any bug bites I'd had before either... not itchy, no white pus head, and quite tender to the touch. The occasional one would swell up huge, go deep red and be really painful... I had one of these under my armpit (plague! ding-ding - bring out your dead!), and one just at the edge of my nipple (ow ow ow), and let me tell you it wasn't much fun!

I was also feeling decidedly run down, with aches, lethargy and a slightly sore throat. m'Lord suggested chicken pox or an allergic reaction, and began to urge me to the doctor. The thing is, I don't go to the doctor unless I'm dying, and spots and a sore boob really aren't all that bad!

So yesterday I googled my symptoms (as you do) and came across Hot Tub Folliculitis. It seems there are these bacteria (from someone's skin) that thrive in a hot tub and can cause a skin infection with my exact symptoms. Gross. I have to say I thought that hot tub was a bit dodgy at the time... the water was murky and had a funny taste. We threw loads of chlorine in it on Saturday once we saw what it looked like, but I reckon the damage was done the night before.

I contacted the owners to tell them to scrub the tub and they are in full denial. They say they emptied and cleaned it the day before we got there. Hmm. Didn't look like it, but whatever. I was just trying to save the next guest some trauma.

I bathed in antiseptic last night, and while I still have the bumps they feel a little better. The nipple one has gone down thank goodness (I kept cradling my sore boob unconsciously, which is not really work-friendly).

On a happier note I've lost a little more weight - this morning I was just under 72kg. Bring on the weekend, I am guilt free! I am SO looking forward to that first glass of wine tonight ;-)

Update: My mate Gillian has just told me off for "giving a bad review for the Love Shack which may be found by an internet search". Just for her I will add that this was not a doctor's diagnosis and may have been caused by something other than the hot tub, and m'Lord didn't manifest many bumps and they're not as bad on him.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Diet Blog Post 3.1

PS. Why do I always feel entitled to a "reward" the moment I lose a little bit of weight? I've only lost half a kilo, I still have 7.5 to go, and I think I can relax and eat anything?! How stupid is that!

I am still fatter than I have ever been, so stoppit...

Diet Blog Post 3


72.3kg this morning, and my goal for this week was to be under 72.5kg.

I actually put on 1kg over the weekend (it was very decadent - loads of carbs and meat and wine - but lovely) so the last few days have been devoted to simply getting back to where I was this time last week! This goal of half a kilo a week is very achievable luckily.

I've been using about half of my Weight Watchers points allowance each day, which you are not supposed to do because starving and binging is not the way to go, but I'll settle down once I get into the habit!. I'm eating loads of fruit and salad thoughout the day with the occasional soup or tin of tuna when I get uncontrollable munchies, and then a light low-carb meal in the evening.

No booze on "schoolnights" unless I've hit goal... this means I could treat myself tonight but I want to hang on til Friday. It has been surprisingly hard to break the wine habit - we do drink an awful lot without thinking about it! What worries me is that a couple of people have told me I'm rather "tired and quiet" when I'm out while sober. So, do I "need" a few drinks to be "fun"? What a troubling thought.

Maybe it was because I hadn't had carbs for a couple of days and simply ran out of oomph. Next time I'll have a bowl of cereal first and see how I go!

Milord managed to put back all the weight he lost last week too, so he's also off the grog ;-). Our house is not exactly party central, but we're getting a lot of paperwork done!

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Old News - Newsletter August 2007

August is most of the way through – the year is starting to accelerate! So what have we been up to over the past month?

Milord’s mum is not doing very well. She has spent the last 10 days in hospital, and although they are saying she should be able to go home this Friday it is apparently a matter of weeks before her struggle is over. She is now on morphine, and caring for her at home is becoming impossible. We are heading to Brisbane over the coming weekend, but I’m not sure if she will be home or if we’ll just be visiting her in hospital. Milord doesn’t talk about it much, but I know it’s very hard on him and his sister.

I joined Milord in Brisbane for the last weekend of last month too – I am visiting once a month now, to see his mum while I still can. She made a real effort to dress and come downstairs to see me, which was lovely. While we were in Brisbane it was the 50th birthday party of an old friend of Milord’s, and they threw a barbeque for about 30 people. It was interesting meeting so many folk who have known him since he was young, and I think they were interested to meet me too! The funny things was, while most of the men are fast approaching 50, their (second+) wives are mostly my age, and we were overwhelmed with kids and babies. Quite reassuring, actually!

The City2Surf run happened the weekend before last… but sadly I was unable to run as I’d hurt my ankle. It seems I “overtrained” and inflamed the damn thing a few weeks before the run, and it never quite came right. The only cure is rest, so all I could do was wait for it to improve. Gillian and I still went along, and I managed to jog for nearly half an hour before it got too sore, and then we walked the rest of the 14km. It was a very pleasant walk! We got to watch the runners and see the scenery, and it felt like a lovely Sunday stroll. We still got medals (!) and our names in the paper, and are keen to try again next year ;-).

Last weekend I took Milord away to escape from life for a couple of days. We hired a tiny little bungalow on a ridge in the middle of nowhere a couple of hours north of Sydney, with a big spa tub on the veranda overlooking dense bush. It was perfect, we read books and napped and soaked and ate and drank lots of wine. We really needed the break, and came back feeling recharged.

At the end of the month we are off to NZ to pick up my visa and go skiing. That should be lots of fun, although we always have the shadow of Milord’s mum hanging over us… He has a flexible return so can hurtle back if necessary, while I really will need to hang around for my visa. It may not come to that though, so I’m not thinking about it!

Hmm what else? Work is boring, my weight is at a crisis level and I’ve actually dusted off my willpower and am starting to see results, and so far this month we are still within budget!

South Africa - Impressions

These impressions are from my trip to South Africa in March this year, after 8 years out of the country living in the UK and Australia, with very few trips back since leaving. Travelling with an Aussie also opened my eyes to a few things I used to take for granted.

This sign tickled me, although it probably shouldn't have!

1. I'd forgotten how many people are black. 90% of the population, so of course, but it always surprises me.

2. Oh cool, I can still understand Afrikaans! Can't speak it any more, but I can read it and listen to it... excellent, that's going to help.

3. Ooooh I'm jetlagged, that's a first for me in SA. And hungover bleah. Note to self, drink less on the "short" long-haul flights, you don't have enough time to recover before landing!

4. I'd completely forgotten the beggars and hawkers at every street light. They totally freak me out... get away from my car dammit! Lock the doors please honey, and don't make eye contact.

5. Space. Lots of space... even though the towns have a spread a lot in the time I've been gone. I miss space, Sydney is so cramped.

6. Secure estates - clusters of townhouses and flats enclosed by walls and guarded and patrolled - are a good idea. If I ever end up back here that's where I'd live.

7. Eish the accents are strong. Do I sound like that? Gawd. And m'Lord has picked up the "Ja" habit in under 24 hours... heh.

8. Hey they've done away with free plastic bags at the supermarkets! What a great idea, we should do that in Oz and the UK too.

9. Damn, I keep forgetting to bring my plastic bags to the supermarket, now I have to buy some more. Bugger. I wonder if I can sell them when I leave?

10. There are no bag packers in the supermarket anymore. That must be because they don't give away bags now... I hope they all found work - there were always dozens of them.

11. Stuff is so cheap! Not as cheap as on British pounds, but still very cheap. Wow, I can really spoil myself with a fab bottle of wine.

12. I can't remember which is a fab wine any more. Oh that's annoying.

13. How come you guys still use corks in your wine bottles? How quaint. Now I have to buy a bottle opener - I used to always travel with one but I'm out of the habit.

14. Biltong! Beef, buck, ostrich, dry, wet, spicy, plain, sticks, slabs, chips - oh how I have missed you! I can get you in the other countries but not in any variety... I could eat you for every meal and in between yum yum yum.

15. I don't remember the dried fruit squares being so sweet. Yuck. And that koeksister has given me a sugar headache. Pass the biltong please.

16. Where'd the good looking men go? When I left here at 27 the men were gorgeous, now they've all gone balding and/or fat. And not just fat, but with that potjie hanging in front, oh that's not a good look. The young men are stunning, but my age range - just depressing. Sigh.

17. The black people are so much friendlier than they used to be. The older folk still have that wary air about them, but the youngsters are bright and bubbly. I think that's wonderful, it bodes well for the future.

18. Even the whites are a lot more positive than they used to be. Although they do talk about crime rather a lot... Mind you, I remember living here and how you could never let your guard down, so it's a constant niggle.

19. Crime actually does seem worse now, and people are far more barricaded than they used to be. Most of my friends have electric fences as well as the usual bars, alarms, gates and dogs. Oh and armed response. I do not miss living like this!

20. Let's walk down to the waterfront promenade and find a restaurant for dinner! Oh hang on, it's dark, we can't walk after dark. I know it's only a few blocks away, but trust me, you don't want to walk around after dark. Let's stay in and see what there is to eat here - oh look, biltong!

21. Why does every country have it's own way of offering coffee? I'd forgotten the "hot-milk/cold-milk" thing, and it totally foxed m'Lord when he asked for a "flat white" and no one understood him! At least "cappuchino" seems to be universal!

22. Aargh look at all those men in the back of that pickup! That's so unsafe. Especially belting down the freeway like that... that's just wrong. I used travel around like that as a youngster, and thought nothing of it.

23. I'd forgotten the Cape Town thing of moving onto the hard shoulder at high speed to let faster traffic pass. Oh I don't like that... but I don't want to speed either and they're right up my tailpipe and it's horrible. It's particularly nasty in the rain.

24. I'd also forgotten that everyone speeds. We don't speed in Oz - I think I've lost the knack. No, maybe not ;-)

25. The black taxi minibuses are insane! Look out, he's going to cut in front of you at 100km/h and come to a complete stop without indicating! And then pull out suddenly without indicating. No don't shout at him honey - they're all armed! Well, probably, there are a lot of gang wars to do with the taxis... just don't, ok?

26. Oh look, a "hijacking hotspot" sign. That's new, how nice. And the one next to it says do not stop for anything, not for an accident, not even for a police car. Yeah, sometimes the police cars are fake, and that's how they get you... clever eh? Not sure how I'd like to be driving away from a police car that was trying to stop me... hmm.

27. I used to go walking on Table Mountain all the time, but now they say it's too dangerous. Walkers are being mugged a lot, especially on the routes I'd particularly like take m'Lord such as Skeleton Gorge, even when they're in a guided group! That's really irritating.

28. Those aren't "Blacks", those are "Coloureds". No they're not the same, and no that's not derogatory. They have a different heritage, from Malaysian slaves and the San, the original inhabitants of the Cape, and they'll be upset if you call them black. Well I can see the difference. And those there are "Indians", who are Muslims, and are descended from another group of slaves. The "Blacks" arrived later, travelling south through Africa. Why is that confusing?

29. Since when did we have shark watches on Cape Town beaches? I spent my childhood in that water thinking there were no sharks, and now you say there were?! Do you think they are a problem now because of the Great White cage diving in False Bay? I completely disagree with cage diving - teaching a shark that "boat+splash = food" freaks me out as a scuba diver who jumps in from a boat.

30. m'Lord is of normal height here, and a "medium" whereas in Oz he's tall and "large". He tried on a large t-shirt and was swamped in it, very funny. And I'm suddenly short and petite... makes a change from feeling like the incredible hulk elsewhere.

...more to come

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Marriage is a confusing topic isn't it?

Being South African I can clearly remember a time when I wouldn't have considered having children outside of marriage, or even of taking out a joint house loan without that firm commitment. On my dad's side of the family, with the notable exception of himself, none of his generation have divorced. My mum's side all have, but they're British-born so that's different ;-).

Now that I'm nudging past the 35 mark without ever finding someone silly enough to commit completely to me I find myself wondering if it's really such a big deal. If I continue to wait for "Mr Right" to propose I may never buy a house or have children, and that is beginning to overshadow my previous priorities.

It's not like marriage is a guarantee of someone sticking by you any more anyway. A couple of my cousins are already divorced, and many of my friends and aquaintances have thrown in the towel at least once. Being a single mum or dad doesn't carry the stigma that it used to, even in South Africa. I earn enough to manage a mortgage and raise a child alone if I have to, so I don't have to marry to be financially secure.

But I still want to get married. I'm an incurable romantic and I don't think being a "girlfriend" is good enough, I want to be wanted 100%. And I want to give myself 100% - I would absolutely change my name, merge my identity, have a family, pause my career and put my husband first.

Of course marriage is hard work, but that's why it's more meaningful than "boyfriend-girlfriend". If you're not married then it's easy to walk away, so marriage is not entered into lightly. It's not just a romantic gesture, it's a very big deal. People who say marriage is a piece of paper are not taking the commitment seriously. It's a promise to go the distance in spite of the hardships coming up - and there are always hard times to work through.

Anything less is not a real commitment, and where's the point in that?

Friday, 17 August 2007

Love Shack

I'm a little hungover today... which means - woohoo - that my weight got below 73kg this week! Yay! That's 160.6 pounds or 11.5 stone for you imperialists. I celebrated by going for drinks after work with mates in a cocktail bar with a half-price happy hour... fun but I'm feeling it now ;-).

I was ever so good Monday thru Wednesday, and my scale told me 72.5 yesterday morning no matter how I leaned on it (it tends to fluctuate by half a kilo, and that was the heavy reading!) I'm very chuffed. My goal is a very achievable half kilo (one pound) loss per week until I get to 65kg (143.3 pounds, 10.2 stone), which in theory will be the first week of December. I'm not thinking about that too much though, I'll concentrate on achievable baby steps.

Milord managed to shed a whole kilo this week too, so we're both pleased. He reckons he'll lose 10kg before I lose my 8kg... he's probably right, men lose weight so much easier than women.

Next week's goal is to get below 72.5kg. I have a very decadent weekend coming up, so that might be harder than it sounds!

m'Lord and I are going away to the "Love Shack", a little bungalow in the middle of nowhere overlooking the bush. It is extremely secluded and has a log stove inside and a spa tub on the veranda. We can't wait! We haven't been away in ages, and really need a break. What with his mum deteriorating and a heavy workload m'Lord has been getting very run down. It will be good to get out of the city and away from everything including the cat, with nothing to do but relax and spoil ourselves.

I've packed a lot of wine, plenty of bubbly to have in the spa (bubbles in bubbles is just perfect), a couple of slow roasts and lots of nibbles. We've thrown our walking boots in the car in case the mood takes us, and we've also packed books and dvds and massage oil.... mmm.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Diet Blog Post 2

74kg yesterday! Nooooooo!

My own fault - I was so "carbo-loading" for my "run" that I ate everything in sight. Then after the um, "walk", I ate everything in sight again because I had been "exercising". Yeah right.

Today I'm 73.5 so some of that was water retention, but I am determined to get below 73 this week, if only by a few grams. We are away this weekend and I want it to be guilt-free.

No booze before Friday unless I get below 73kg. None. Nada. That's my incentive - how sad am I?!

I. Can. Do. This.

Australia - Impressions

These are my impressions, formed when I stepped off the plane in Sydney after 7 years in England after growing up in South Africa

1. So where are the good looking people then? Gee the British heritage shows strongly, I was expecting tall and gorgeous, and they're the same weedy chinless bunch I just left behind.

2. Blue sky, wide streets, clean and shiney. Nice city.

3. What the hell are those girls wearing? Ew. They must all get dressed in the dark every day. I don't care if it's in fashion, no one in their right mind dresses that unflatteringly. It's called a mirror, darling.

4. Why is everybody overweight? I thought this place was sporty and outdoorsy, but anyone over 30 has really let themselves go. Where is the eye-candy? Wah!

5. Gosh that's a lot of Asians. Where am I? I feel confused. And very tall. At least they're not overweight...

6. Argh look out! My god don't you people understand following distances?! And how about indicating when you're changing lanes? And what's with hogging the fast lane while doing the speed limit? Move over dammit, I'll get a ticket if I want one!

7. That lady in the shop just spoke to me. And she made eye contact. She actually sounded like she cared how I was... that's nice. Not very efficient, but nice.

8. How much for a bottle of wine? I can get it for less in London! Yes, the exact same bottle of wine. That's silly. What do you mean you don't stock anything except Aussie and NZ wine? I want a nice dry soave, or a light French sav, I'm tired of the fruity local stuff... No I am not paying that much for an imported bottle of champagne!

9. My god this seafood is amazing!

10. These suburbs are wierd. Pokey old terraces you couldn't swing a cat in... I came here to get away from this! Damn they're cold in winter, where's my coat? And scarf. And gloves. Didn't think I'd be needing them again.

11. It's lovely and safe here. In my suburb anyway ;-). No bars on the windows, people leave their front doors wide open when expecting friends. Fab.

12. Another barbeque? We had one yesterday and the day before. And the day before that. Yes it is nicer than being inside, you're right.

13. I still think a gas barbeque is cheating. And you only use the hotplate side - isn't that frying rather than barbequeing? Where's the skill in that? Sure is quick and easy though. Just as well considering we barbeque every night!

14. Let's go to the beach! There aren't any nearby? Oh because we're in a harbour, ok. So let's drive an hour to get to one... orange sand? Interesting.

15. Fancy a swim in the sea? Only between the flags because of the rip tide, I see. With the other thousand people just there. And look out for sharks... maybe I'll just lie here.

15. What do you mean I can't lie in the sun?! Skin cancer. hmm. You may have a point. Gee I've never been so pale.

16. Driving over the harbour bridge gives me such a thrill! Look look look there's the Opera House. Isn't it pretty?

17. You people are too laid back for your own good. Give me a deadline dammit! And how do you expect me to meet it if you don't do your work? Hmmm?

18. Wow that's a lot of road tunnels.

...more to come

Monday, 13 August 2007

City2Surf 2007

Yesterday Gillian and I did the City2Surf from the centre of Sydney to Bondi beach. Sadly I can't say that we "ran" it, because my ankle was giving me grief so after about half an hour we walked. Our time was 2h21 over 14km (that's 141 minutes, just over 10 minutes per km

It was a lot of fun in spite of my ankle, people really get into the spirit of the fun run. There were 64000+ runners and walkers and pram-pushers, a lot of folk in costumes, and loads of spectators and encouragement. It was extremely well organised too - plenty of porta-loos and water tables and ambulances and marshals.

The weather was stunning, up to 20 C with a cool breeze. Once you leave the city the route goes through some lovely expensive suburbs and follows the coast along Rose Bay, then up a hill and down again with views of the sea into Bondi. When we got to Bondi we bought a bottle of wine and a hot dog and sat on the sand enjoying the atmosphere. Then jumped on one of the myriad free busses back to the city, grabbed cheese and biscuits and went back to my house for a shower, wine and nibbles...

I'm a little stiff today, and my ankle is a bit sore but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. After all the food and drink yesterday the scale was pretty mean to me this morning, and I am now determined to get back into my diet and gym routine, although I'll be doing the bike not the treadmill until I stop hurting.

Gillian is now trying to talk me into the 9km Harbour Bridge run in 5 weeks time. I'll see how my ankle shapes up by the end of the month ;-)

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Diet Blog Post 1

This blog sort of started as a "this is where I've been lately if my email was too long to read" sort of a travel blog thing.

Then it began to get a bit of personality... not too much because I don't find myself that interesting yet, but I'm guessing that will come with time if anyone starts commenting ;-). I don't know how folk manage to post daily - I'm trying hard to post weekly, but I think it may be weakly instead. I read a fair number of blogs, and in dull moments I hit the "random blog" link at the top of this page and I've stumbled across some interesting stuff.

I've been reading travel blogs, mommy blogs, diet blogs, and medical blogs. So the way I see it, my travelling has mostly stopped since moving to Oz so I can't have a travel blog. I'm not a mommy yet so it's not a mommy blog. I know nothing about medicine so duh. Something I do know a fair bit about however, is dieting, so I may as well add diet blog stuff to this blog.

I found a fab diet blog at 101 Reasons I hate being fat. I also regularly check up on The Grumpy Chair Dieter (she's also a mommy blogger, but swears enough to be interesting). There are more, but these ladies are inspirational. They're lots bigger than me (they're also American so measure in pounds which I can't do... I guesstimate 2lb = 1kg) but they stick to their guns in spite of past failure and are generally upbeat. You go girls!

Ok, my diet history first I suppose... I was always a plump kid. I "blossomed" a whole lot later than my peers so I was a puppy-fat flat-chested freak for a few years when everyone else hit their growth spurts. This self image hung on long after I finally caught up with everyone, and when I was at my willowy-est I still felt short and podgy. When I look at the pictures of that skinny little teenager who hated her body I could cry!

In my late teens and early twenties I started to like myself, although I always hated my tummy and would wear the biggest, baggiest tops I could find. I did a lot of waitressing around that time while I was studying at college, and it was probably good exercise because I could eat anything and stay thin, and I joined a gym and toned up for the first time ever. Then I got a desk job and stopped waitressing, and then I moved out of home and started cooking for myself, and then I couldn't afford the gym and stopped going, and then I got myself a party-animal boyfriend and discovered booze.

Since then it has been a constant struggle.

A few years ago in London I was pretty miserable. My job sucked and my party-animal boyfriend left me and I piled on the weight suddenly enough to get stretch marks. Gross. I realised I had to get a grip, so I joined Weight Watchers and I bought an elliptical trainer and made a real effort. My weight then was 69kg, and over a year I brought it down to my goal of 63kg and a bit below. I learned a lot about what I should and shouldn't be eating to stay satisfied and healthy and still be losing. I stopped eating meat pies, and cheese, and loaves of bread with real butter. I discovered zero-point soups and salads and the joys of butternut squash (no points - fab!).

When I stick to my points I lose weight. When I drift over my points a little I stay the same. When I am a completely self-indulgent pig I gain weight. Simple really. After reaching my goal I relaxed and generally hovered around 65kg.

When I moved to Australia 18 months ago I was heavier than I wanted to be at 67kg, but it was mid-winter and post Christmas and I wasn't too hard on myself. Sadly Milord and I live extremely well, and I have watched my weight gently creep up to 73kg and my bra size go up a cup. We made a big effort at the start of this year and both lost a few kilos, but they're back again.

So now I am going to blog about it in the hope that public humiliation will help! My starting weight today is 73kg. My goal weight is 65kg (more than last time, but I have a boyfriend now). I want to fit back into the cute dresses I was wearing when I moved here, I want to drink less alcohol, and I want to help my lovely man to trim down a bit too. We have a bad habit of leading each other astray!

8kg to lose. How hard can it be?!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Thursday Blues

Nearly the end of a very long, frustrating and boring week.

I have injured my ankle over the last couple of weeks. I think that with a combination of running training, personal training, and a weekly physio session to correct a misalignment in my right leg that my pt noticed, I have seriously overworked my right ankle and it is on strike. I have tendonitis, which is simply inflamation of the tendons running around the right-hand bump of my ankle towards my toes. So walking is painful, running is impossible, and getting down a flight of stairs is ridiculous.

I am not impressed.

This actually started nearly two weeks ago, when I ran a double Bay and knocked 4 minutes off my time, getting it down to 108 minutes. I was so chuffed with myself, and took the slight ache in my right ankle the next day in my stride (pun intended)! Then at the physio on Monday he got me onto one-(right)legged leg presses, which are a lot harder than they sound, and my ache got worse. Tuesday I had my personal training session, and the ache got worse. On Wednesday I ran speed intervals on the treadmill for half an hour, then went off to do squats and leg presses, and by Thursday I had a bit of a hobble!

I nursed it through the weekend we spent in Brisbane with Milord's mum, and by Monday it was mostly ok and I went to the physio again and he had me doing one-legged things again... and then of course I went for a run! Gillian and I ran for half an hour at lunchtime (she is now fitter and faster than me!), stopped, stretched, and as we began to walk back to the office I almost fell over because my ankle had siezed up. It was agonising!

Since then I have stopped physio, personal trainer and gym altogether. I have 9 days to go before the city2surf and I am determined to do it so I have to get my inflammation cured by then.

But it's so frustrating when you are used to at least four exercise sessions a week to have none! And when I am bored or frustrated, I eat. Comfort food. So now I am sore, fat and annoyed. Normally when I feel fat or annoyed I exercise... this is a vicious circle! Grumble grumble rhubarb...

I feel really really blue and blah.

On the bright side I have m'Lord home now for the first weekend in a while. He has a horrible cold that is driving me into the spare room at night, but that should be gone by the weekend. Ideally I'd go running on the weekend, but snuggling up to my honey is a good alternative!