Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Old News - Newsletter August 2006

We got back on Saturday after a glorious week sailing in the Whitsundays... what a fabulous time we had! Turquoise sea, white sand and green islands. Not too hot, not too cold, amazing snorkeling, ok scuba and not a single argument ;-).

We had an entire 40ft boat to ourselves (sleeps 6), so Milord and I had a cabin each for clothes dumping, and used the main one for sleeping. Two loos, a decent galley, and more than enough space once we got used to the dimensions and stopped walking into things (I am still covered in bruises!).

We did a couple of days of good sailing (up to 9 knots once), but for the rest of the time it was not very windy and we motored around which is very civilized (trying to drink a glass of wine at a 45 deg slant is not easy).

We moored in sheltered bays overnight, and had some awesome sunsets. Asleep by 9 most nights so up to watch amazing sunrises with a coffee shortly followed by fruit salad and champagne...

We got the charter company to provision the boat with a set package, which was interesting. Felt like a contestant on "Ready steady cook" for a lot of the time! Neither of us are into sweets, so we were left with a whole cheesecake and fruitcake by the last day, but had finished the nuts and crisps halfway through the trip! Probably a good thing as we didn't gain nearly as much weight as we could have!

We picnicked on the famous 5 mile long pure white Whitehaven beach, but apart from swimming ashore once to walk to a snorkeling site we didn't touch land again for 5 days.

I absolutely loved it, and we are already talking of going again next year. Maybe a couple of weeks later in the year when it is warmer, and next time we fancy trying a catermaran ;-).

Flippin expensive, but totally worth it! It was surprisingly tiring too - I don't think we slept very well on the boat at all - we have been doing not much apart from sleep since we got back. Oh, a huge bed which doesn't rock and creak, what a sweet pleasure!

Old News - Newsletter August 2006

7 months here now – I took Milord out last night to celebrate and am feeling a tad fragile today ;-). It’s going to be a long week!

It’s going to be an especially long week actually, as we are off on holiday on Saturday and I can’t wait! The plan was to go skiing with mates for a week, but they’ve been a bit distracted and the snow just isn’t good, so Milord and I have decided to go sailing around the Whitsunday Islands a few hours flight north instead! It’s going to cost double (don’t even ask!) but sounds worth it ;-).

We are chartering a fully catered 40ft yacht for 5 nights for just the two of us, and will be setting our own itinerary around tropical islands with white sand beaches and coral reefs. We can stop pretty much anywhere at night, and we are planning snorkelling, beach walking and lying in the sun with champagne! We’ll be taking our dive gear too as there are a couple of good sites along the way… Oh it’s a hard life!

Apart from that the past month has not been very exciting. We’ve been very busy, but literally nothing to write home about! Far too much domestic stuff sorting out the shed and garden, helping friends move, dinners out and at home… Milord’s been off to Brisbane a few times to see his mum, who’s doing as well as can be expected.

I’ve watched a bit of rugby wearing my new SA supporter’s jersey… You’ll be thrilled to know I was the only greenie in a sea of gold at my local pub the night we lost 49-nil. I had to leopard crawl out of the back door and home afterwards! Last weekend Milord and I went to the SA v Aus game, which was much less embarrassing. I’ve got to download the words to our anthem sometime though, as I just can’t remember it!

We went to an AFL (Aussie Rules) game a few weeks ago too. I didn’t quite get into it for various reasons, so we’re going to have to try it again sometime. Milord and I actually skipped the final quarter (the game goes on for over 2 hours which was a bit much!) and wandered off looking for a pub instead…

Um, that’s about it. I’ll send out a proper jealous making one of crystal sea and sparkling sand soon to make up for it ;-)