Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Old News - Newletter May 2006

I’m still having a good time here and settling in slowly. It’s not quite “home” yet, but that might only happen when we are living in a place of our own and I can put down roots. Milord went away with the boys for a golf weekend a few weeks ago, and I realised that I really don’t like the house without him in it! Not lonely exactly, just not comfortable and very restless. Some days I really miss my little house in Thatcham ;-). We’re planning to buy something small early next year, so I’ll just have to hang in there until then.

Work is going well. I’ve been extended to the end of June, and I expect them to keep me on longer too as their final deadline is only September and we have loads still to do. I hope so, as it's a super team and a very convenient location! June is the end of the financial year, so once they get their new budget I guess I’ll know what’s happening.

Hey - great news - I've realised that once I've been working over here for 6 months I can apply for the full-on immigration visa as I’ll gain enough points (before I'm 35 next year though when I lose some again, so a small window) and then I don't have to think about it ever again. No having to find a company to sponsor me, or hoping Milord will propose (!!!). Then I'll be on track for perm residency and citizenship and all that... passport 3 here I come ;-).

The relationship with Milord takes plenty of work, but it's definitely worth it (funnily enough he says the same thing). After 4 months we're still happy together and talking about the future, so that's a very good sign. His snoring and apnoea is a major issue in our lives, but he did a sleep clinic and has now been referred to a surgeon for treatment, so things are happening… Occasionally I manage a decent night’s sleep in spite of it and Milord says I am a different person when I do! I can’t wait for it to be the norm rather than the exception! He does spoil me outrageously though – he makes my packed lunch most days, when he could have an extra half hours sleep instead!

What else have I been up to…

We went away for Easter to Lady Elliot Island at the bottom of the Barrier Reef and it was lovely. Still not Sharm, but certainly the best diving either of us has had in Aus. The resort is super eco friendly, so a bit rustic, but that’s ok. It’s a bird and marine sanctuary so the critters have the run of the place and are very cheeky. Lots of turtles and rays, and a couple of sharks (luckily more scared of us than we were of them). It’s a coral cay, so lots and lots of great coral formations.

Speaking of diving, next weekend we are going away to Jervis Bay (2 hours south) to go diving. Could be freezing, as we’re almost to mid winter now, but I hope I’ll be ok. Milord bought me dive gloves and a thin thermal top to wear under my wetsuit, which will make a difference. We’re hiring a gorgeous apartment with spa bath, gas fire, and large windows looking out over the sea, so thawing out is definitely going to be good ;-).

It’s quite nippy here now - down to below 10 every night, and of course the houses are designed to let heat out! (Plus ours has windows that don’t close). I can’t wait for my boxes with my winter wardrobe to arrive (should be next week) as I have 1 jacket, 1 fleece and one jumper in rotation! I miss my boots too. I haven’t needed gloves or scarf yet, although I see the locals quite bundled up – that’ll be me next year…

Did I tell you Milord has a light plane licence which he's just renewed? He took me flying the weekend before last - all along the coast past the Sydney harbour entrance and over Manly and Bondi. It was gorgeous, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We are talking about flying over the Blue Mountains next time, should be very cool.

Apart from that, lots of lunches, pubbing and dinner parties – we went to a Bollywood themed one the other day and I’ll send along a picture ;-). Life is pretty amazing – Sydney is almost a blend of London and Cape Town, the best of both ;-). Every now and then Milord and I meet up in the Fish Market on a weekday for lunch and share a kilo of prawns and a bottle of wine looking out over the harbour… it doesn’t get much better!