Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Old News - Newsletter September 2005

Well, I’ve been back from Oz for a week now, although it feels much longer! I had a fabulous time, the place is gorgeous, the people are wonderful, and the man is amazing. The feeling appears to be mutual, so much so that I am starting the process of wrapping things up here and will be heading Down Under to be with him early next year! Exciting and scary, but certainly not dull! I am now pimping my home ready to sell, and once that completes I’ll be giving notice at work… so watch this space.

As for my trip itself, Sydney is a stunning city. We walked all over, seeing the bridge and opera house, then went out in a boat for the day and explored quiet bays and posh areas with mansions overlooking the sea. Then Milord flew me up to the Whitsunday islands for 3 nights, which is a tropical paradise of white sand and turquoise sea near the Great Barrier Reef, and we did a little diving, a little walking and a lot of good food, fine wine and great company. I met a fair number of his friends who are lovely, rude, loud and welcoming, and as luck would have it Heidi was in town on business so he had the chance to meet one of my mates too!

I don’t think I have ever been treated so well, and we are disgustingly smitten ;-). He’s even talking about braving the UK winter to visit me in a couple of months time!

My Dad has been staying with me for the past week. He was contracted to bring a ship up from Cape Town to Newcastle, so took the opportunity to have a little holiday here at the same time. My stepmom flew out to join him, and they visited with my stepbrother for a while and then came to me. The joined me on the day I landed back from Sydney, which was great as they kept me up and I was able to get my sleeping patterns right almost immediately, although I’m not sure how much sense I was making at the time! I had a couple of days off to spend with them and we explored the countryside around Berkshire, involving lots of pub lunches outside as the weather was hot and sunny all week.