Thursday, 11 December 2003

Old News - Newsletter December 2003

I am very settled into my new home, and most of the decorating is complete, although I still seem to spending plenty of money on it! I went ahead with a new bathroom last month, and I am thrilled with the results – very light and clean and classy. I have ordered new carpets for January, and have started looking at curtains… this homemaking thing is expensive but fun! I’m very happy with it anyway, and walking through the front door lifts my spirits. It’s small, but cosy and comfortable, and all MINE. Fabulous. I’m now frantically trying to finish painting the skirting boards before the new carpets come!

Work is going well, and we are busy with a new release of our main product. It’s nice to be busy for a change ;-). Things are winding down for Xmas of course, but there is still enough to make the day speed past. I’m still happy working here, and the team is great.

I’m still single, and loving it. I’ve made friends with a couple of girls from work, and some girls in my walking club, who live near me, so I have people to go for a drink with locally at last. Actually, I’ve had to avoid my walking club for a while, as my ex who belongs to it has been harassing me, and he goes on all the walks and to all the socials. Luckily there are about 7 other groups in the area that I can also walk with, so it’s not stopping me walking! I joined another group last Sunday for a 10-mile walk, and had a lovely time. (Luckily it was an easy walk, as I haven’t walked since Sicily! My dodgy knee was a bit sore the next day, but not too bad.)

This Xmas is going to be quiet, as I’m broke and all my mates seem to be busy doing family duties or are in SA. My Mom has now moved to the Isle of Mann, and I can’t afford to get there for Xmas, so we had a little early Xmas celebration before she left, with crackers and hats and all the goodies ;-). On Xmas Eve I will be joining some friends for a festive evening and sleep over, and then I plan to have a nice day at home in front of the fire recovering! I’m really looking forward to it.