Wednesday, 24 September 2003

Old News - Newsletter September 2003

My house buying is progressing slowly. I can't wait to get into my new home and start customizing it! Of course it is autumn here so I won't be able to do much in the garden except plant bulbs and perhaps remove a large conifer that takes up most of it. I hope to move in next month, but I don't have a date yet. Then I have to get a washing machine, fridge, lounge suite... it's going to be an expensive time!

Work is ok. We are tweaking the product, which is in beta testing at the client. So things are mostly laid back, especially for me, as I don't have much to do. A bit boring in fact... there doesn't seem to be a middle ground!

The Dour Scot is still treating me well, spoiling me in fact; it's nice to be on a pedestal again after so many years ;-). We've been together for about 6 weeks now, and are still happy. I think I'm falling in love, and it's rather nice. A bit scary too after being independent for a long time, and some days I miss being selfish. Just call me fussy!

Things have been pretty busy, and I look forward to the occasional early night. I’ve had work do’s, a Lord of the Rings movie marathon at T and J’s, J and D’s housewarming, an open BBQ at The Dour Scot, R and S’s birthday river trip, C’s farewell, a couple of pub quizzes and various nights out. And there are many other people I just haven’t had a chance to see – we should remedy that ;-).

I haven't done much walking lately, as life is getting in the way. In fact, I think the last proper walk I went on was on the August bank holiday, nearly a month ago! This coming weekend I am off to Sicily with some of the walking group, including The Dour Scot, for a walking week. I'm a little worried that I'm unfit, but it looks like it is hot there so that should even things out as these Rooinekke can't handle the heat. I also plan to take a couple of days off from walking to go sightseeing, as there is some fab stuff to see... why not? It’s already paid for, so what I actually do is up to me!

The diet is going surprisingly well, considering that I don’t stick to it much and I’ve been slack with exercise! Perhaps it just keeps me in check, as I haven’t lost or gained anything over the past 4 weeks. I am now 1kg above where I finally want to be, which is fine, and I have lost a total of 5kg. My bum has shrunk the most, although it’s been an allover thing. All my trousers are now too baggy, and I’m going to have to go shopping soon ;-) hee hee.

What else? I’m slowly beginning to pack, and I’m going through cupboards doing a clearout. Although my last move was only a year ago, so there isn’t much to discard yet. I’m giving away most of my furniture as it’s too big to fit in the new home, and have found takers for most of it. My Mom should be back around the middle of next month, and I’m hoping she can find an alternative storage place for all her stuff, as I can’t keep it. I’m also hoping she’ll help me pack and move! Bleah – I am so tired of moving! This will be my eighth move in 5 years. Hopefully the last for a bit though.