Wednesday, 30 July 2003

Old News - Newsletter July 2003

Work is starting to come back to normal now, and we’re cutting back on the weekend work, so I am more inclined to boot up my PC when I get home and catch up on correspondence. So I’ll be writing back to those sweet souls who have been mailing into the void – and chasing up those who’ve as been as bad as me!

I have also balanced my budget on aforementioned PC for the first time in a month, and remembered why I normally do it more often. Last month got completely out of hand! I will be starting August in the red, and will have to curtail my London visits for a bit – wah! I have the next couple of weekends organised to go away too, which doesn’t help the budget either. Sigh – it’s going to be a long month. If anyone fancies visiting me for a cheap dinner or barbeque, c’mon over! I’ll even throw in a nice country walk for free. Or bring your cozzie and sunbathe in my pretty garden – sound good? You know you want to!

Next weekend I am heading to France with J and T to pick up booze and go to a cheese festival. They have friends near Liseux, with whom we will be staying. I’m really looking forward to it. The weekend after that I am going away with my walking club to the Wye Valley. We’ll be walking on the Saturday, followed by a medieval dinner in an old castle converted to a YHA!

As I mentioned, work is calming down. We missed the deadline, so I don’t know the bonus story. Seeing as I not yet ever received a bonus in my working life (unless you count redundancy payments), this does really affect me much as I wasn’t exactly banking on it. It would probably have only gone into the House fund anyway. Yes, that’s right, I’m thinking of launching into real debt for the first time later this year. I finally feel secure enough in my job, and settled enough in the UK, to think of buying property. Very scarey! Of course I can only afford a tiny place, but at least it will be mine.

What else? I’ve got the diet back on track (with the spectacular exception of this last weekend!), started exercising again, done a little sketching and finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I hope to get back into book reading, as I’ve become a little too hooked on TV. My Mom has been gone for just over a week, and I’ve almost remembered how to cook and clean again!

Still nothing on the boyfriend front, but I’m starting to get restless. I think the hermit phase might be drawing to a close, although I’m determined to be ultra-picky with the next one. So don’t hold your breath, as I haven’t seen anything worth perving lately, never mind to take home!

Friday, 4 July 2003

Old News - Newsletter July 2003

The past few weeks have been kinda hectic in a very uninteresting way. We are approaching our live deadline for the project at work, and everyone is working long hours and weekends. I have worked through the last two weekends, which makes it 19 days working without a break now. And some of the guys have missed more weekends than that! I don’t know how they do it. I am very glad I had such a relaxing holiday recently, as I am knackered in spite of it! There was a large bonus riding on us meeting a deadline last Monday, and as far as I can tell we missed it. So now they’ve moved the money incentive to the live date in 3 weeks time. This means we are expected to continue to work unpaid overtime until then… sigh. The worst part is that I really don’t have that much to do – my sections are finished or still untested, so I don’t even have bugfixing to do. I am picking up bugs to fix for other people, which is pretty deadly. In spite of this I am still expected to work late, and there are mutterings if I leave on time. Not a happy bunch at the mo – it’s going to be a long 3 weeks!

We’ve been given this weekend off (big whoop), and I am catching up with as many people as possible. I haven’t seen any of my mates since before Turkey! I’ve decided it doesn’t matter if I’m tired at work at the moment, and I’ll be trying to see people after work during the week as weekends are a bit of a mess. Who’s free?

Mom and B are still with me. They went to Spain for a week recently to give me some space – unfortunately in the week I was working very late – but I still had a breather! As the housekeeper market is proving a bit tough, and will be closing down completely over the summer, they are considering going to SA for a few months to eke out their money while being out of my hair. I don’t have a mother; I have a yoyo.

Well, no other news as I have done nothing but work since my last email. Booooring! My diet is shelved, my exercise doesn’t happen, I haven’t touched a sketchpad in months, and I can’t make the weekend hikes. Make that boring and fat! Whenever we work late we get free takeaways – I have eaten more junk food in the last 3 weeks than I did in the last 3 years!