Thursday, 10 May 2001

Old News - Newsletter May 2001

Well, I am starting to settle in at my new job. It is really nice being a permanent employee again, with an entitled lunch hour and set working hours! Plus I don't have people breathing down my neck all the time to make sure I'm 'earning' my rate. I'm not doing much yet, just trying to learn their system. Myself and another new (also SA) chap are taking over from 2 contractors who are leaving at the end of the month - so I spend most of day scrolling through reams of code. The people are very nice - quite a young team and rather laid back. I think I'm going to like it here.

My office is really close to the Thames, behind the London Eye, and we can see it through most of the windows! Today is stunning, and if Mountain Man can't join me for lunch I am going to have a walk along the riverside at lunchtime.

Summer seems to be peeping around the corner at last. The last couple of days have been warm, and the odd lovely sunny spell. Having said that I got caught in a downpour yesterday lunchtime! Had to nip into a coffee shop for hot chocolate until it stopped!

Last weekend was pleasant - we spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at J and T's. Saturday Mountain Man played golf and I vegged around nursing my job-celebration hangover. On Sunday Mountain Man went to The Church (rough club only open between 12 and 3 on Sundays) and came rolling home pissed at 4. I went to the gym instead, and felt quite smug as his hangover kicked in in the evening! Monday was a public holiday and we took it easy.